Funding process

Because we are a very small, voluntary family charitable trust, we don’t have funding rounds and cut-off dates, however you are welcome to contact us if you are involved in an initiative that is a strong fit to one of our key goals:

  • Te Ao Māori is strong and vibrant
  • The central place of Te Ao Māori in Aotearoa is understood and supported by all
  • We all feel confident and respected in our own cultures and heritage

We are happy to chat on the phone and can generally quickly give you a steer on whether we might be able to help.

After this initial conversation we may invite a short and simple application; usually this is simply a letter.   Our trustees then discuss the application and we often talk to others about your idea to get a variety of perspectives and also to check that the idea has good support from your community.

We do not ask for formal reports but we are always interested in learning how things go and we like to stay in touch.

Because we are a very small trust we are only able to give a small number of grants each year.   Our grant budget for 2021 – 22 is approximately $75,000 and our grants generally range from $1,000 to $20,000.